Video matrix 26/04/2014


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1. RAF intercept Russia jets

The Typhoon jets were scrambled when Russian aircraft came close to UK airspace.

2. Mum delivers 14.5 pound baby

A mother in Massachusetts, USA, delivers by caesarean section the second biggest baby ever born (14.5 pound and 22 inch long)

3. Turkey commemorates Gallipoli Campaign’s 99 anniversary

The over 100,000 men who died in the World War I battle are remembered by French, Australian, New Zealand and Turkish officials in an emotional service.

4. Dog bites becoming a serious problem

Ross Lydall discusses the raising problem of dogs and other animals’ attacks, which is causing serious injuries to adults and children.

Weekend film reviews

Simon Thompson, London Go Producer, discusses the new films that will be on at your local cinema over the weekend, like Transcendence and Fruitvale Station.