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1. What's the link between Britain's first black councillor and Major Clifton James's double?

2. On 7 June 1913 which archdeacon was stuck on top of Mount McKinley, America's highest peak, and why was this so memorable?

3. What well-travelled everyday items were devised in the 1960s by George Gerard and his son after hearing about a mouse that had made itself a safe nest by tearing bits of newspaper to shreds?

4. What links Salzburg; Droitwich; salary; and what Jesus called his disciples?

5. What synthetic polyester-type material, based on terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol, was originally declared secret in WW2 and was first commercially released in the 1950s in the form of gentlemen's shirts and ties?

6. What do the numbers represent if Nature = 5, Custom = 7, Laziness = 9, Wickedness = 11?

7. Despite parental objections, in 1914 US servicemen were issued with 39 sticks per year; in 1925 this increased to 100 sticks per annum and by WW2 to 3,000 sticks per US serviceman each year - what were the sticks used for?

8. What links the first cartoon strip to win the Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning to a former Canadian Prime Minister whose wife was linked to Mick Jagger?

9. Which American hero, famous for warning the people of Massachusetts the British were coming, also urged Bostonians to purchase his brand of home-made dental devices "of real use in Speaking and Eating"?

10. Having written an astonishing 467 books, including the bestselling I,Robot, which author is claimed to be unique in having a title in every category of the Dewey Decimal Library cataloguing system?

10 Answers to Jeremy Beadle's quiz (see page 11)

1. Bernie. Bernie Grant, Britain's first black councillor, was named after Lord Bernard Montgomery of Alamein. Born in Guyana, christened Bernard Alexander Montgomery Grant, he was always called Monty before he came to Britain.

2. Archdeacon Hudson Stuck, who was the first man (alongside Harry P Karstens, R G Tatum and Walter Harper) to climb Mt McKinley, now called Denali.

3. Jiffy bags.

4. Salt. Salzburg means Salt Town; Droitwich is the site of a Roman salt works ("wich" means "a place where there is salt"); salary is derived from the Latin salarium, a Roman soldier's allowance to buy salt; Jesus called his disciples "salt of the earth".

5. Terylene. Discovered in 1941 by James Dickson and Rex Whinfield but declared secret by Ministry of Supply.

6. The hours of sleep required. "Nature needs but five / Custom gives thee seven / Laziness takes nine / And Wickedness eleven!" (Old saying sometimes attributed to John Milton).

7. Chewing. Sticks of chewing gum.

8. Trudeau. "Doonesbury" was created by Gary Trudeau; the former Canadian PM was Pierre Trudeau (his former wife, Margaret, was seen out with the Stones).

9. Paul Revere. He warned the people of Massachusetts against the English arrival during his "midnight ride" from Boston to Lexington on 18 April 1775.

10. Isaac Asimov.