Some months ago, we revealed on this page that the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything was not, as had previously been thought, 42, but was, in fact, 103. The evidence was irrefutable. Not only did the alphabetical values of the letters in the word "bullshit" add up to 103, but the 103 bus travelled between two destinations (Rainham War Memorial and Bromley) whose letter-sums also differed by 103.

Since no reader wrote to disagree, we have not returned to the topic, but some new evidence has just been sent to us which we feel absolutely clinches the matter. We have just received the summer issue of Sunningwell Scene, a lively publication from Oxfordshire. On its second page, we read the following disturbing news:

"Thames Transit has withdrawn the 104 service between Oxford and Abingdon via Boars Hill due to lack of passengers."

They should, of course, have stopped, with the rest of us, at 103.