A fair deal for a just society

African Caribbean finance forum graduate recruitment fair 19 march, islington business design centre
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Most people in the UK would overwhelmingly support our society being fair in its treatment of all people, whatever their background, heritage or status. Unfortunately, that is not what happens. For instance, far too many people from ethnic minorities experience racial discrimination in the job market and the workplace.

Racial discrimination and social exclusion result in a waste of human resources and a denial of their talent. As a nation, we cannot afford to fail to utilise the talents of all our people, whatever their ethnic background or heritage, particularly if it is simply because of prejudice and ignorance.

This careers fair will showcase ethnic minority talent so that employers can see for themselves what they may be missing, if they do not pursue diversity and equality policies and practices.

There will be opportunities to share experiences and learn about the companies that are benefiting from having diverse workforces and successfully harnessing the range of talent, skills and experiences for competitive benefits.

Employers in the public sector are also able to demonstrate the benefits of successfully managing diversity in the workplace, in order to offer high-quality and relevant public services, which also contribute to social cohesion.

This careers fair is merely one of many focal points across the UK that demonstrate the ongoing contribution that ethnic minorities make to the nation's social, cultural and economic development and well-being. It provides a timely stimulus for action to utilise the talents of all our people for the benefit of the UK as a whole, and to help to create a fair and just society for everyone.