A final set of records for 1996

Haircuts: Southampton hairdresser Trevor Mitchell performed 18 haircuts in 60 minutes to set a new world record. He set a new mark of 2 min 40 sec for one haircut.

Bungees: Lee Jee-Young of South Korea became the first woman to bungee jump from a paraglider.

Triplets: North Korea claimed a world record of 22 groups of triplets serving in its armed forces

Fish 'n' chips: Harry Ramsden's in Melbourne, Australia, set a new record by serving more than 12,000 portions of fish and chips in a day.

Camels: A record price for a racing camel of $390,000 was set in Oman.

Dumplings: A 1.8 tonne dumpling was cooked in Zams, Austria.

Bubbles: Alan McKay of New Zealand blew a bubble 35 metres long to break the world record.

Bridal veils: Claudia Armillei wore a 400-metre veil for her wedding in Ascoli Piceno, Italy.