On January 6 at tech event International CES in Las Vegas, Consumer Solutions Group, a start up group from Colorado, unveiled Digital Folio, which the developers claim represents a new way to shop online.


Digital Folio allows consumers to compare prices and products and, based upon their shopping behavior, receive discounts from retailers all in real time.

Whereas previously web shopping involved either visiting price comparison sites or several sites of the same genre, Digital Folio claims to have changed this. Digital Folio differs from price comparison sites as it allows retailers to have their brand or promotion visible in the browser while customers visit a competitor's site, by providing real-time product comparisons or promotions and allowing consumers to collect product information in one place.

The platform works on any web enabled device and in stores that have either Microsoft Windows 7 interactive kiosks or the newly released Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft multi touch displays.

In a January 6 press release, founder and president Patrick Carter summarized Digital Folio, saying "Our platform represents new shopping empowerment for consumers and the ability to save significant time and money beyond any price they would normally find on the internet."

Price comparison on the internet is nothing new, but with shopping experiences and brands becoming increasingly linked with social media and personalized offers, brands and developers are developing increasingly sophisticated tools to inform the customer of their promotions. This can also be seen in the appearance of apps providing consumers with updates, deals or promotions from their favorite shops in Apple's iOS based iTunes store.

More information about Digital Folio can be found at: http://www.digitalfolio.com

More information about CES, one of the biggest events on the tech calendar held in Las Vegas between January 6-9, can be found at: http://www.cesweb.org