There was a tense air in the village of Little Ascot. After months of gruelling trials and general bad sportsmanship, the day of the inter- school pony club finals had arrived. The three finalists had only one thought - to win! The local Knitting Circle oversaw the judging, awarding riders with four faults for each fence they knocked down. Disappointingly, no one managed a clear round, but one rider did rather well, knocking down only one fence.

Georgie was awarded four more faults than the girl who completed the round in the fastest time of 1 minute 30 seconds. Desert Orchard, who finished in 1 minute and 35 seconds, was awarded fewer faults than Bunty, whose pony was not called Royal Flatfeet. Red Nun's rider was devastated when she felt two fences topple behind her. Pru was thrilled to have raced through the round, beating her arch rival Georgie by five seconds.

Can you name each pony and their rider, give the time in which they completed the round and the number of faults they were awarded?

Solution to Week 1

On Monday I was woken at 2am by my left-hand neighbours doing DIY; on Wednesday at 1am by the right-hand neighbours having a tiff; and on Friday at 3am by the downstairs neighbours pumping techno.

A watch goes to Chris Bell of Bristol.


In last week's Oris competition there was a sentence missing, which made it impossible to solve. We will be reprinting the problem in full in next week's Independent Magazine. We apologise for the inconvenience.