Last week, Mr Hoskins opened his telephone bill to discover he owed more than pounds 3,000. When he went through the itemised bill, five calls stood out, each made by a different member of the family, each ending in a different two-digit number and each lasting a different number of hours between two and six inclusive. From his rantings over breakfast, can you work out who made each call, who was on the other end of each and the length of time each lasted?

"It seems that Clive, who was responsible for the call ending in a two- digit number one higher than the call to the Tic-Tac Racing Helpline, talked for an hour longer than Tom, who did not phone Aunty Mabel in Katmandu. The call made by Brian and the call to the Big-and-Bouncy Fruity-Sauce line, neither of which involved the number ending in 12, were both shorter than the call made by Gran. Andrew made a call ending in a two-digit number one higher than the number dialled for the three-hour call. The calls ending in the lowest number, 12, and the highest number, 22, did not take either the longest or the shortest time. The call to the Reactionary-Opinion Radio Phone-In lasted an hour longer than one of the calls ending in 12 or 22, and an hour less than the other. One of the calls ended in 20 and the total of all the five two-digit numbers was 86. I don't yet know who phoned up the Got-No-Real- Friends chatline, but when I find out they'll discover it is most definitely not good to talk!"

An Oris watch worth pounds 200 will go to the sender of the first correct answer opened. Answers on a postcard, marked A Question of Time 8, should reach us by Thursday. Send to The Independent Magazine, PO Box 7294, 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5DG (fax 0171-293 2068). The solution will be published in two weeks' time.

Solution to A Question of Time 6

Daniel Pauls won a holiday to the Bahamas in week two by answering in 48 seconds; Ed Nolmonds, television, video and stereo, week 1, 16 seconds; Gazza Bamboyne, conservatory, week 4, 8 seconds; Rosy Gablin, pounds 2,000, week 5, 24 seconds; Wynne Dalton, new car, week 3, 32 seconds.

A watch goes to K Gibson of Helston, Cornwall