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Dr Akula, pathologist to the Transylvanian Police Force, wiped his brow after completing his fifth postmortem of the evening. Five elderly counts (in reality, vampires), now lay lifeless on the mortuary slab. The first one had been brought into the station morgue at 6pm, the rest turning up at five-minute intervals thereafter, each arriving at a different time.

The 91-year-old, who was not Count Belok, was carried into the police morgue at 6.20pm. The 95-year-old, the oldest of those examined that night, was brought in five minutes before the one who had accidentally eaten a garlic sandwich; Count Kristofoli turned up five minutes later than the latter. The count who died of an allergic reaction to his new coffin- wood, was handed over to the pathologist ten minutes after the one aged 94. Count Belok turned up ten minutes later than the one with a stake through his heart. The pitiful condition of one count suggested that he had awoken during a solar eclipse; he was a year younger than Count Urfit, who was himself a year younger than the one brought in at 6.10pm. The pathologist inspected Count Stambroker's corpse at 6.05pm, though he was not the one to die during the solar eclipse. Ironically, the count died from blood poisoning. The villagers rejoiced at the news of the dreaded Count Shloppenkopf's demise.

Can you work out the time each count was brought to the morgue, his age and cause of death?

An Oris watch worth pounds 200 will go to the sender of the first correct answer opened. All entrants will receive a copy of Tough Puzzles.

Answers on a postcard, marked A Question of Time 5, should reach us by Thursday. Send to The Independent Magazine, PO Box 7294, 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5DG (fax 0171-293 2068). The solution will be published in two weeks' time.

Solution to A Question of Time 3

Al Falfer ordered sausage and beans, which took six minutes and cost pounds 2.50; Sam Widge, bacon sarnie, four minutes, pounds 2; Vee Landham, eggs and bacon, five minutes, pounds 3; Cilla Ree, scrambled eggs, pounds 1.50, three minutes; Pete Serr kippers, seven minutes, pounds 3.50. A watch goes to J Hughes of Hastings