'This is only my second visit to London but I seem to see the city from taxi windows. Or from a boat as we went on one of those trips down the Thames past Tower Bridge and Big Ben.

London seems strangely familiar but I can't explain why. We performed in New York last year and that seemed far more foreign to me. The English are so warm and friendly. The Japanese staying in the hotel walk past us without noticing, but the English always stop and say, 'Good morning'. That makes me feel at home.

'I love breakfasts here and English toast is great. Japanese toast is really thick and not very nice at all. We had roast beef at the hotel on Sunday which was delicious but usually we eat Japanese food, as we have a packed lunch at the theatre each day.

'Shopping? Well, I've been to Covent Garden and Piccadilly just for souvenirs. And I've heard so much about the Harrods' sale I want to get up early tomorrow and do some serious shopping before the show.

'Time is so limited when we're performing every night so I haven't had much time for nightclubs. We were tempted by a karaoke bar that we saw above a Chinese restaurant. But it was full of drunken Japanese businessmen singing Karaoke out of tune, so we avoided it]

'I think my favourite impression of London is the sense of privilege I feel performing here. London has such a strong theatrical tradition, so appearing on a London stage each night is just an amazing feeling. The best]'

Risa Wakao is a 'male player' in Takarazuka], at the Coliseum, St Martin's Lane to 23 Jul (071-836 3161)

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