'I love public transportation here. When you descend into the London Tube it smells exactly like the New York subway. This real nice comforting smell. I know that sounds weird but I love that.

'I really noticed the billboard advertising in London. Like in the States it's mostly for movies, but we do not have billboard advertising for books. Here you do. Being an author myself, I couldn't believe it. Like just advertising a really good novel by someone - and not a How to Lose Weight book, either.

'Another thing. I've been staying with a friend in Covent Garden and there was a noisy garbage truck outside my window early this morning. My host said: 'I'm calling that company today and telling them to come by later in the day. Who can sleep after that ?'

'I was impressed, because in the States, if you have a noisy garbage truck it's just your bad luck.

'The purpose of my visit to London is to interview women erotic photographers for my next book. I guess they get a sense of freedom creatively. Politically they've found a place in the gay community, in the fields of music or erotica.

'I'll have to ponder that one because this is meant to be the country of prudishness and sexual repression. That's what I love most about London. I really admire the charisma when people defy the silence, ignorance and ugliness of prudery. It's very inspiring.

Susie Bright's latest book 'Herotica' is published by Penguin.

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