I like Soho, Old Compton St and all those cafes. But the only part I really love about the London gay scene is the clubs. I'm going to the Fridge in Brixton again tonight and I went to a place in Kings Cross last night called the Bell. I guess the scene in London is a lot like the States now. I just wish the bars were open later. Sometimes I don't want to go to a club, I just want to have a drink, late at night, with some friends. Its so annoying.

I like the Thames a lot. I went on a boat last Sunday for a picnic. Spent the whole day on the river - that was so peaceful.

During the day I do touristy stuff, or go to Jubilee Hall gym in Covent Garden to work out.

The one thing I hate about London is the public transport; it is really bad here. The buses are the worst - it's like summer camp because everyone falls asleep. I'm not surprised the buses are sooooo slow.

I went to see the Pugin

exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum yesterday. Hmmm, it was a little too much, sort of too catholic in taste for me. But the dress

display at the V and A was fabulous -

it had to be put together by a gay man.

Scott Capurro is appearing at In Your Face, Chiswick tonight at 9pm and tomorrow at the Cartoon, Clapham (9pm)

(Photograph omitted)