@ the end

Another coup for The End and a bonus for Sasha's army of fans in the capital. After travelling around numerous northern venues, and deciphering cryptic cloak-and-dagger instructions to attend his rare London appearances, you'll now know where to find him once a month.

Craig Richards, Lee Burridge and DJ Dan (Electroliners) also feature on the decks, but the crowds will come to hear the man play less epic anthems and more break-beat inspired loops.

Playing at The End also means that the DJs will be right in the heart of the action. With Sasha's well-earned reputation for working a crowd, this gig will probably be packed but worth a little bit of queuing.

In traditional Sasha style, Tyrant has been typically under-advertised, so call The End to confirm information.

Friday, West Central Street, WC1 (0171-419 919) 10.30pm-4am, pounds 12

Moving swiftly from cutting-edge clubbing to cheesy disco. Flares, hang- glider collars and a lack of sensible shoes will all be on show, along with disco classics. But it's not just disco - any dancefloor filler from the past 30 years is likely to get aired at this event.

Clubbers in the Nineties have a tendency to be quite pretentious about where they go and what they dance to, but, if you remember that it's all about having fun, then you'll love this gig. This week's event boasts Them People who offer a tribute show to the slightly more imaginatively named M-People.

Entry is free (before 11pm) to patrons in full disco gear, so it's best to completely throw yourself into the experience... everyone always seems to be smiling when they leave this one.

Fridays, 9-17 Highgate Road, Kentish Town, NW5 (0171-344 0044) 9pm-2am, pounds 5/pounds 3 with flyer.

Those of you wanting to make the most out of your bank holiday (and not too afraid to stagger, zombie-like, into work the next day) should beat a path down to Vauxhall.

This gig still leads the way in soulful anthems, underground UK garage and classic grooves, with three rooms of music. DJ Spoony, DJ Omar, Timmi Magic, Mikee B and Frankie Foncett keep the bpm high, in addition to live PAs from New Horizon and Phoebe.

Make sure you dress to impress or you'll be disappointed on the wrong side of the door. Check out the best Sunday vibe in London and have a good excuse ready for work the next morning.

Tomorrow, 1 Nine Elms Lane (formerly the Podium), SW8 (0171-272 4185) 8pm-3am, pounds 5 (pounds 4 members), before 11pm/pounds 6 members/pounds 8 others.

The original Saturday night glam, Malibu Stacey, seemed to be around for ages, but this gig has managed to inject a little more excitement into a similar formula. Punters still turn up in scores for this one, so be prepared to queue for a while.

The dress-code here is simple and ruthless. You have to impress in the clothes department or you'll find yourself at home in time to catch the end of Match of the Day.

The tunes here aren't too challenging, but the DJs keep the energy high with banging anthems and house.

Tonight, 6 Hanover St, W1 (0171-499 7977) 10.30-5am pounds 15