An 'IoS' debate at the Royal Academy last week saw leading arts practitioners telling the Goverment what was needed
THE AMBIENCE could have soothed you into thinking this was going to be a night of shared dreams, of aesthetic agreement. The walls full of Victorian paintings in the Reynolds Room at the Royal Academy set the tone of elevated tranquillity. Then Jude Kelly of the West Yorkshire Playhouse shattered the mood. "The arts are like sewerage," she declared. "They are a right and a need for everyone."

Her Majesty's minister for the arts, Mark Fisher, was shocked. Flanked by the serenity of Landseer and Millais, he countered: "The arts change our imaginations. What they give to us is how we change inside and how we grow as people."

Peter Finch of Equity wondered why no one at all had remarked that the arts were also entertainment.

Some innocent souls had hoped for a united rallying call to emerge from the special debate on the funding of the arts organised by the Independent on Sunday, The Independent and the Royal Academy in the light of our Save The Arts Campaign. But when two or three arts practitioners are gathered together complete unity is unlikely. When 100 of the great, the good and the angry meet, it's downright impossible.

The multiplicity of perspectives was expressed with such a consistent and contradictory mixture of world-weariness with penny pinching allied to infectious enthusiasm for their individual art forms, that with every speech it seemed yet more sadistically unnecessary of the Treasury to keep the arts in crisis. And for want of such a small sum. As Finch said: "Eight million pounds would wipe out the deficits of every arts organisation in the country." That would not be a blip on a Treasury graph.

The campaign for better funding, for tax breaks and incentives, must now be aimed at backbenchers and peers as well as government, said David Barrie of the National Art Collections Fund. "They are not hearing our case."

But how to argue the case? Jude Kelly's sewerage analogy had a serious implication. The Eighties' argument that the arts were the fourth biggest revenue earner may have impressed the Thatcherites. A new argument was needed now. "We haven't yet found the language that will help the Government who themselves are stuttering and stumbling to understand the meaning of the arts in their own lives personally, never mind as policy makers... So I have disappointment about the current government situation, but I also believe that we were too gleeful about the fourth biggest revenue earner argument. There's a much, much deeper river of meaning that the arts bring to society."

Mark Fisher neither stuttered nor stumbled as he delivered a surprisingly stark warning to those present to put their own houses in order - or better still fill their houses - before expecting sympathy from the Chancellor. "We are wasting, we are bleeding money. We have inefficient structures ... It's difficult to argue for theatres which are playing to 35 per cent houses."

But he predicted that he and Chris Smith, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, would eventually win the argument, and that our arts campaigns had given more power to their elbows in the fiscal arm wrestling with the Treasury. "Judge us over the whole parliament. Work is in progress."

Another four years was too long to wait for veteran actress Miriam Karlin. "How many companies are going to go to the wall while we're waiting for the end of the Parliament?" she asked. Besides, she was unhappy that the little money there was had been squandered. "Fourteen million pounds has been spent by the Arts Council on consultancies. This is monstrous. How many companies could have stayed alive with that money?" More might stay alive, thought David Gordon, secretary of the Royal Academy, if we created a "climate of giving" as was found in America, where all donations to the arts are tax deductible. That is the thrust of the Independent on Sunday campaign, and David Oliver of Arthur Andersen, accountants, pointed out that Britain's laws regulating tax relief on individual donations were drawn up "when Shakespeare was writing Hamlet".

How different from the tax regime in America, said David Gordon: "American individuals gave $120bn [pounds 75bn] to charities in 1996. This is equivalent to pounds 280 for every man, woman and child. Individuals in Britain gave pounds 4.3bn, or about pounds 70 for every man, woman and child ... Simplifying giving will lead to much greater giving." With a schoolmasterly but fair rebuke to the battle-scarred campaigners present, he concluded: "The arts need to campaign with facts and analysis as well as with passion."

Philip Hedley of Theatre Royal, Stratford East, has long managed to combine all three. "It is a disgrace," he exclaimed, "that there are hardly any buildings in this country run by black or Asian companies." He could not resist a telling jibe about corporate sponsorship at Genista McIntosh, executive director of the National Theatre who had been passionate in defence of public subsidy. "The room named after the socialist actress Peggy Ashcroft at the National Theatre is a private members' room. That should be changed in her honour."

But the dichotomies involved in arts funding were best, if unintentionally, illustrated by Peter Jenkinson of the New Art Gallery, Walsall. He joked how the mayor of Walsall, opening the original gallery in 1992, said: "If the art gallery is successful in its purpose we will see that the manners of the people will become softer and less uncouth than they are at present, for they cannot see pictures and mix with others as they do in this room without being cheered and instructed and lifted to a higher level."

And one of the ways Mr Jenkinson is having to raise money in 1998? The art gallery has opened its own pub.

Campaign supporters

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Michael Bryant, CBE, National Theatre

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