Malaysia: According to the Malaysian Culture, Arts and Tourism Minister, mass circumcision ceremonies could become a tourist attraction. "By charging tourists a small fee ... to watch such cultural events, the organisational costs can be covered," Sabbaruddin Chik said after attending a 48-boy circumcision ceremony in Kuala Lumpur.

Mexico: The Second World UFO Congress began in Acapulco with a report of an increasing number of people being abducted by aliens, or having tracking devices implanted into their earlobes or brains. In the US, extraterrestrials are short with white skin, big eyes and large bald heads, but the ones who turn up in Ecuador are fatter with round heads and olive green skin.

Yorkshire: A boy at a grammar school in East Yorkshire has been made to write out 60 times "I must not use racist remarks" after he greeted an Australian classmate with "G'day sport". He is also being given counselling for racism and inappropriate humour.