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Chimpanzee: Jambo, a chimpanzee at Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire, has been cured of baldness with a potion made of goat's milk and herbs. When the chimp lost its chocolate-coloured coat through illness, the zoo consulted Jean Brown, who contributes a "Living off the Hedgerows" item to Radio Leicester. Ms Brown produced the hair-restorer from goat's milk, oil extracted from wild marjoram and parsley and some secret ingredients. She says it may work on people too.

Chicks: Newly-hatched birds are the latest craze among Vietnamese schoolchildren. Just like a Tamagochi, they grow if you look after them, and tweet if they want food or attention. But a Tamagochi costs almost pounds 20 in Vietnam; a bird is only a few pence.

Polar bear: A man who stole a six-foot high polar bear from a Christmas display at a shop in Nottingham was caught when police followed a trail of artificial snow dropped from the bear. According to a Press Association report: "A sharp-eyed shopkeeper raised the alarm after spotting a man carrying the six foot `daddy bear' under his arm."