Peru Organisers of the "Great Gastronomic Kitty Festival", in the coastal town of Canete, announced with regret their decision to cancel the event, at which cats are cooked and eaten to celebrate a local saint's day. Rosario Quintanilla, president of the Peruvian Association of Animals' Friends said: "We have saved the cats' lives. The cat is not an animal for domestic consumption, it can transmit diseases like toxoplasmosis."

Vietnam Earlier this year, cats were banned from the menu in restaurants in Thai Binh province, where they are normally considered a delicacy. Authorities have decided, however, that they are needed to fight a plague of rats.

Britain According to a survey taken at the beginning of this year, the 10 most popular names for cats are: Charlie, Oscar, Tigger, Molly, Lucy, Sophie, Jasper, Chloe, Poppy and Rosie, in that order.