Survey 1: According to a survey by the credit card company Goldfish, children under the age of 12 receive an average of pounds 75 worth of Christmas presents from each parent. Children who have left home have pounds 63 spent on them, but granddads average only pounds 18.24 in presents. Husbands spend pounds 86 on their wives; wives spend pounds 72 on their husbands.

Survey 2: A Deloitte & Touche survey shows the average amount spent on Christmas is pounds 476.99, with men (pounds 499.75) spending more than women (pounds 456.12).

Survey 3: A Press Association report says "experts" predict that we will spend an average of pounds 232 on family Christmas presents. Mothers and fathers will do best, receiving an average of pounds 78 worth of gifts.

Survey 4: According to a Country Life survey, 63 per cent of Britons will hope for a kiss beneath mistletoe.

Survey 5: According to a survey by the English Cox Campaign, handkerchiefs are the present people least want for Christmas. Aftershave, underpants, socks, soap, bath foam and padded hangers are also despised.