Three recent news stories concerning the late Princess of Wales that did not make it to the front pages.

Hong Kong "I should be the Queen" is one of the songs on a CD launched by a Hong Kong composer in tribute to Princess Diana. The song, written before her death, includes the lyric: "My princely husband never did love me, this hapless marriage is crowded with three."

Netherlands A song entitled "Farewell" will be released this week by a leading Dutch singer, Andre Hazes, in memory of Diana. It includes the lines: "You are now gone, it is over. This is the end, it is finished." Proceeds will be donated to Aids organisations.

Spain Three days after Diana's death, a Spanish car junkyard offered 100m pesetas (pounds 400,000) for the wreck of the Mercedes in which she was killed. "Right now, perhaps, the family wouldn't sell it, but they might not feel the same in a few months' time," the junkyard owner said.