Parrot 1: Burglars were yesterday reported to have stolen a talking parrot valued at pounds 650 from a pet shop near Chorley, Lancashire. The parrot answers to the name of "Olly" and can say "hello" and "hello sexy".

Parrot 2: Brian and Michelle Hewson of South Shields have put their pet parrot Dexter up for sale because it squawks whenever Brian approaches. "Apparently male parrots tend to prefer female humans because they've got softer voices," Michelle explained. "He goes berserk whenever Brian goes towards him."

Turkey: Security staff at a cinema in Palmerston North, New Zealand, were surprised to meet a turkey when they were called to deal with a problem on the escalator last week. The bird had wandered into the complex and got its foot caught in the escalator treads. They caught it and stuffed it into a rubbish sack. It is now being looked after by an animal care organisation.