An Eye On ... fags, drink 'n' drugs

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Geneva: A box of 25 Cuban "Trinidad" cigars was sold at auction to an Asian buyer for 23,000 Swiss francs (pounds 10,000). The average price of pounds 400 per cigar makes them the most expensive ever. The cigars were from a special selection normally reserved for heads of state.

Miami: A Miami detective has been arrested on fraud charges after allegedly selling fake cigars from his desk at the police department. Sergio Martinez was charged after undercover police bought two boxes of cigars from him at $130 a box. The cigars were sold as Cuban, but were really from Honduras and the Dominican Republic.

Rome: A group of Italian charity workers hope to get into the Guinness Book of Records with a huge replica of St Peter's basilica made from 10 million drinks cans. It will be 95m long, 48m wide and 29m high with a 20m dome, and is being built on wasteland on the borders of Rome. They hope the Pope will unveil it next month.

Madrid: A Spanish athlete has bought a pig to help clear him of charges of drug-taking. He wants to prove that steroids in his urine could have come from eating contaminated pork.