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Colombia: The city authorities in Bogota urged a ban on alcohol for last Saturday's "Love and Friendship Day" - the local equivalent of St Valentine's - in order to curb the usual surge of violence. "It's traditionally been the day on which the number of Bogotanos who are willing to kill their neighbours triples," the mayor explained.

Belgium: According to a study at Ghent State University, married couples in which both partners work argue more than couples with only one breadwinner. "The study shows that women do not manage to turn their increased economic power into increased power within their relationship, which leads to more conflict", said Piet Bracke.

Fiji: Kava, a mildly addictive drink made from the roots of a pepper plant, is being blamed for a rise in the rate of adultery. In a paper delivered at the annual conference of the Fiji Medical Association, Dr Jude Ohaeri said that heavy kava consumption deflated the male sex drive, leaving wives feeling emotionally neglected and seeking gratification in extramarital affairs.