Strippers: Dancers at the Showboat strip club in Anchorage, Alaska, are seeking affiliation with the Hotel and Restaurant Employees Union because they say their employer has been unresponsive to worker concerns. "Our main concerns are that our working environment be safe, that we aren't verbally abused and sexually harassed by management," a spokes-stripper said.

Condoms: Police in South Africa last week arrested a man whose name has not been released, who had swallowed 99 condoms filled with cocaine. "There was hardly place for a biscuit in the man's stomach," said Superintendent Eugene Opperman. "A few years back we had a guy who had swallowed 90. This is a record."

Sexual predators: According to a survey by FHM magazine last week, women are becoming the "new sexual predators". The survey claims that six out of 10 women say they are unfaithful to their boyfriends, 14 per cent have slept with a man because they were drunk and 56 per cent say "a large penis isn't better".