London: Of the 302 women who responded to a questionnaire at the Women of the Year awards at the Savoy, 42 per cent admitted having had an affair, of whom 64 per cent said they had never regretted it. A total of 68 per cent thought they were good role models for the next generation.

Italy: The pornographic actress Jessica Rizzo is sponsoring a rugby club and a women's football team, which will advertise decoder cards for her hard-core TV channel. "This type of card is dedicated to free time, which is synonymous with sport and therefore with energy and physical exercise," she said. "That's why I think sex and sport go well together."

Costa Rica: About 60 prostitutes from Latin American countries attended a regional summit for members of their profession.

At sea: The Royal Navy has given permission for sailors to use mobile phones.

"It is excellent for morale if they can speak to loved ones when they are away from home," a spokeswoman said. "All they have to do is seek permission in case of radar interference."