Birth and death: A 32-year-old woman has been arrested in Paligunj, India, for killing a neighbour's daughter after a village sorcerer told her she could become pregnant if she sacrificed someone else's child. Police were searching for the sorcerer who advised the woman to sacrifice a child on the evening of a lunar eclipse.

Marriage: Jacqueline Martin, 39, admitted to a court in Canberra, Australia, that she had tipped a bucket of manure over Juana Prego at the latter's wedding. She had intended to tip the manure over the groom, Joachin Prego, who had ditched her in order to marry Juana. She got close enough to the wedding party by disguising herself as a man with a moustache and beard.

Divorce: In a petition last month in Leamington Spa, Emma Morgan cited her husband Kevin's "obsessiveness with football and Manchester United" as grounds for divorce. She claimed that he watched football for up to 20 hours a day and that he wept when he heard that Eric Cantona was leaving Old Trafford, yet showed no emotion when she said she was leaving him. "I could have almost accepted it if he'd had another woman," she said, "but to lose your fella to a bunch of footballers is just a joke."