Recent news stories on a topic of general interest.

Benin A monkey has been arrested for stealing a television aerial. Local people performed a citizen's arrest on the animal and its owner, a Ghanaian street juggler, after the monkey was seen climbing from a roof with the aerial. The man is now in police cells, the monkey in the zoo.

Czech Republic Police are hunting the forger of some very well-made 1,000 crown (about pounds 20) banknotes. Bank employees spotted a forgery when they saw that instead of the words "Forging of notes will be prosecuted in accordance with the law", the counterfeiter had put: "This note is a fake".

Hong Kong Zeng Liang-xin, 31, a dim sum chef who was jailed for life after beheading his boss when she started undressing in his room, has appealed against the conviction on two grounds. First, he says that the judge did not remind the jury that he was provoked by her demands for sex; and second, he thought she was dead when he cut her head off and chopped her body up.