Washington: The Korean evangelist Sun Myung Moon blessed the marriages of 39.6 million couples from his Unification Church, linked by satellite from 84 countries. All were dressed identically, with 36 couples reaffirming their vows, and 3.6 million marrying for the first time.

Illinois: Christina Mack, 35, was accused of aggravated battery, attempted aggravated battery and domestic battery after being found unconscious in the house she shared with her lover. After a quarrel, she had apparently greased the top of a stairway, hoping her one-legged boyfriend would slip and tumble. But she slipped on it herself.

New York: Jay Ramras, 48, from Fairbanks, Alaska, has come to New York in search of a nice Jewish girl. "Statistics brought me here," he said. There are only two single Jewish women in Mr Ramras's home town.

Norwich: Alan Schubert, 44, was ordered to pay pounds 200 compensation to his common-law wife after he cut up her clothes with a pair of scissors when she took a lover and left their home.