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Picture answer: For the slaying of 1.3m chickens to kill off a 'flu virus.

1. The council stopped the town clock, fearing youths would go on a rampage when it struck midnight. 2. William Hague has made that promise to his wife. 3. Being knighted - it is Sir Elton John's real name. 4. Sir Elton and Sir Tim Rice are working on a Disney musical adaptation of `Aida' - but with the name changed because Disney execs don't like it. 5. Got married to independent women: Helen Mirren and Jo Brand. Beckham is engaged to a Spice Girl. 6. General Mustafa Tlass revealed that he ordered the Lebanese resistance not to attack Italians: "I do not want a single tear falling from the eyes of Gina Lollobrigida". 7. A missing gift-wrapped mobile phone was located by phoning its number. It rang from inside the owner's pet bloodhound, Charlie. 8. The SOS distress call, which went out of use at the end of the year. 9. Steve Fossett is attempting a round- the-world balloon trip; Richard Branson is recovering from a cycling accident. 10. A research study showed that breast-fed babies grow up with less excess body fat that bottle-fed ones; another study showed that almost 60 per cent of lottery jackpot winners have put on weight.