Picture Answer: 2,112 (full marks if you're within 10 per cent).

1. The Royal Yacht Britannia has been decommissioned. 2. The guitar solo in the Eagles' recording of Hotel California was voted greatest of all time by readers of Guitarist magazine. 3. Seven Sinn Fein representatives visited Downing Street. 4. A man and woman were accused of making a pornographic video in the short-term car park at Heathrow. 5. A fire at Heathrow led to delays. 6. They all appear for the first time in the new Who's Who. 7. They delivered letters to homes of criminals who had jumped bail, telling them to be home on a particular date in order to sign for gifts delivered by post. 8. Richard Branson's balloon blew away. 9. Rowed across the Atlantic for a new record east-west crossing. 10. First Lady Hillary Clinton was asked to leave the University Club, just off Fifth Avenue, for making too much noise. 11. A painting by Damien Hirst consisting of 100 spots of paint was sold for pounds 43,500 at Christies. 12. In Kyoto, where an agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 5.2 per cent fell short of the original European plea for a 15 per cent reduction.