Antidotes to viruses

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There are many organisations providing news, advice and software to deal with viruses through the Internet. The main computing news groups always announce new virus discoveries.


IBM computer security and virus research


Leicester's De Montfort University has a special virus information web site. Aimed mainly at PC users, it announces new viruses, has detailed descriptions of individual viruses and links to anti-virus software sites and the virus news group: comp.virus


Anti-viral Toolkit Pro is available from:

Apple Mac users

Most Mac software sites have a good selection of anti-virus utilities, but try these:

Symantec's anti-virus web site has virus descriptions, advice and software updates.


Datawatch offer Virex 5.6.1 via anonymous FTP at: pub

Selection of Mac anti-virus software, including Disinfectant 3.6, available by anonymous FTP at:


Also, watch the news group for announcements of new viruses:


Specific Virus Information

Information on the Good Times hoax virus

Information on the Prank Macro virus