Technological gadgets and consumer electronics are almost certain to be popular Christmas presents this year, but a survey by the British Video Association (BVA) found that one-in-three or 31 percent of UK residents have received electronic gadgets they never or hardly ever use.

According to the survey, digital photo frames, blenders and electronic Sudoku games were some of the least popular Christmas consumer gadgets amongst Brits.

The reasons for those 31 percent of recipients not wanting their gadgets can be broken down as follows: 39 percent claimed "not to have the time to use them," 23 percent "didn't see the point of them," 18 percent "didn't like them" and an unfortunate seven percent might have liked them but "didn't know how to use them."

While electronic Sudoku games may seem like a good idea, a survey carried out in October by Nielsen found that children's tastes for electronics ran into the rather more expensive. The survey revealed that the most desired gift among children aged 6-12 was, perhaps shockingly, an Apple iPad which retails for around $500 (€375); this was followed by a computer and an iPod touch.  

The top ten electronic gifts to avoid this Christmas according to BVA are:

1.       Digital photo frames
2.       Foot spas
3.       Blenders
4.       Digital organizers
5.       Electronic Sudoku games
6.       Coffee machines
7.       Digital radios
8.       Electric shavers
9.       Electric toothbrushes
10.     Bread makers