Anything to declare?

On the street; Some people don't know if they are coming or going when they are dressing for a journey. Amy Jones reports from Heathrow
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Camilla Venthan Fraser, age withheld, clairvoyant, returning from Aberdeen. She wears jacket and trousers from Celine in Kingston, leopard-print top and belt also from Kingston, shoes from Ravel

"Yes, I am famous, I have had about 60 photos taken by The Sun today. My style depends upon my mood. I have four different fashion identities: heavy rock, casual, clairvoyant and French designer. Today, I am French designer. At the moment, though, I am going through a real Giorgio phase. I really like his stuff. I like to look like a movie star when I travel - although I don't feel particularly glamorous now; I haven't got any lippy on. I think it is very important to make an effort to look glamorous, it can improve your for self-esteem and general well-being."

Thomas Oahler, 28, travelling carpenter, returning to Germany. He wears the traditional black corduroy suit of an 18th-century German carpenter, and gold earring depicting a hammer and saw

"I used to wear jeans and more contemporary clothing, but since I have become a carpenter I wear the traditional costumes - except in the shower. I have different work clothes from my travelling clothes, but they are also designed in the traditional style. I have been a travelling carpenter for 10 years. I am now on a three-year journey. I spent the first two months in Switzerland, where the travelling carpenters are well known. People there are happy to see us. I have only been in England for one week. No one here knows about carpenters so it is difficult for them to understand what I do."

Genevieve Murphy, 32, artist, returning to Dublin, where she is co-owner of Genevieve Jon design. She wears matching mohair coat and shawl by John Rocha, cashmere cardigan "from a high street shop", suit trousers from Vera and Moda, shoes by Wosh

"I've only just had my fringe cut, it seems strange that the first time I have a fringe cut I get photographed for a newspaper. I studied theatre design, so I like things which aren't boring. It's part of my job to express myself and appreciate different shapes and colour, so my clothes have to be interesting, too. I prefer to mix and match - anything retro, second-hand or designer clothes, but they have to be the right price. This coat was a real bargain, I got it from Wa Wa in Dublin, which is a women's aid shop. I fell in love with it, and the price made me love it even more."

Hector Bermejo, 24, documentary photography student at Newport, Wales, returning to Spain. He wears jumper from River Island, scarf, coat and trousers from charity shops, glasses from his sister, trainers by Adidas

"I like to buy second-hand clothes. I used to live in London and shop mainly in Portobello, but sometimes I would go to Camden. I don't like to follow fashion - I follow my own fashion. I prefer antique-looking clothes, mainly from the Seventies but I also like some stuff from the Sixties. I really like tinted glasses. I think they enhance beautiful colours - especially the scenery in Wales where I study. People today are too influenced by the media, they don't have their own identity. Everybody should just be themselves, and express themselves differently."