Appliances of the future on display at Grand Designs Live

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Innovative ovens, digital showers, low energy refrigerators and tinting glass are just some of the appliances and features on show in the 'House of the future.'

This year's home design show Grand Designs Live in the UK features a special exhibition of some of the most innovative and futuristic household appliances around in the House of the Future exhibition. As well as presenting innovations from designers around the world, some of the finalist concepts in this year's Electrolux Design Lab Competition will also be on display.

In the bathroom of the House of the Future, the LED display on HiQu digital shower from AquaLisa provides information on water temperature and an easy-to-use interface which allows the user to change water configurations - there is even a remote control option.

In the kitchen the Barazza Velvet oven can be pre-programmed with users' favorite recipes, the minimalist oven replaces traditional control knobs with an interactive touch screen display. Outside the kitchen, the External Refrigerator, by Nicolas Hubert, keeps produce fresh with minimal energy by hanging on the house's exterior - the design was a finalist in this year's Electrolux Design Lab Competition.  

For those wanting privacy or rest in the bedroom, the House of the Future is fitted with Reflex Glass from Smart Tint and the Lightsleeper. The Reflex Glass changes from transparent to opaque at the users' command, while the Lightsleeper projects beams of light onto the ceiling to help people overcome their sleeping difficulties.

Grand Designs Live will be held in Birmingham, UK October 8-10, tickets are £18 (€21) on the door or £13 (€15) in advance, discounts are available.

Innovative designs for the home including futuristic dining chairs were also featured at The London Design Festival held on September 18-26.

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