Are you a pushy mum?

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1 Your child comes home with the results of a test, do you say: a) "Well done" b) "Never mind, darling" c) "What did Max get?"

2 When friends comment on your child's brilliant drawing, do you: a) say "But William is so much more creative" b) say "Never mind, William will learn to hold a pencil in the end" c) Smugly agree?

3 A friend sacks her seventh au pair since Christmas. Do you: a) listen sympathetically, again b) mutter about neurotic employers c) boast about your nanny's winning ways?

4 The three year old down the road has started violin lessons. Do you:

a) ignore it b) think three is far too young c) put your child on the waiting list?

5 When asked if you know a good tutor, do you:

a) give away your prize contact b) say you know someone but they've got a three-year waiting list c) keep quiet, increasing your own child's chances?

6 After a school prize-giving, what does it take to unfreeze the grimace of envy of your face: a) nothing - prize-givings are meaningless b) nothing - your child cleaned up c) a packet of Marlboro and a bottle of Chilean red?

RESULTS: Mostly a): Don't believe you. Mostly b) and c): Join the club.