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Art take Annual cost of running principal EU institutions - pounds 3.3 billion.

Amount British taxpayers will contribute to this total this year - pounds 450 million.

Annual cost of running the European Parliament (excluding MEPs' salaries) - pounds 658 million.

Number of British MEPs - 89.

Total number of MEPs - 626.

Annual earnings of a British MEP - pounds 43,000.

Annual earnings of German and Italian MEPs - pounds 160,000.

Annual cost of running an MEP's office - pounds 28,800.

Annual cost of running the European Commission - pounds 2.1 billion.

Number of European Commission officials - 19,000.

Total annual cost of each official - pounds 110,500.

Cost of Italian salami per quarter pound - pounds 1.59.

Cost of Parma ham per quarter pound - pounds 2.85.

Cost of German sausage per quarter pound - pounds 1.46.

Pictured Right: G7, 1997, by Gloria Friedman. Installation: photo, iron, processed meats. On show in IQ/EQ until 1 November, at Annely Juda Fine Art (0171-629 7578)