The sweets formerly known as ... OPAL FRUITS

Britons spent pounds 5bn on sweets last year. Isn't that enough money to keep with the successful, and promote research into new sweets? Obviously not, as rather than innovate we get marketing ploys for our money. When Robert Opie wrote in his book Sweet Memories that chocolate brands, and sweet brands more generally, are the components of communal memory, he could well have been thinking of Opal Fruits' famous slogan popping from memory every time your mouth was dry. To bring the brand into line with the US and other countries where they are sold as Starburst, just isn't good enough. It won't happen until November, so there is plenty of time to start a campaign. Put your name on the end of the following note: Dear Product Manager, who calls a Marathon bar a Snickers? How will we know what a Starburst is? Marathon and Opal Fruits indicate the sweets' content (check the failure of Sunshine Flavours, which had to be changed to Tropical). PS "Opal Fruits make your eyes water" should be Starburst's new catch phrase.