I remember when I was at drama school, in the early 1980s, seeing the work of the Royal Shakespeare Company. I used to eat up plays like puddings; I used to go all the time - half our education at RADA was going when you could. It was tremendous. Seeing Robert LePage's work coming to London, seeing his show with its mind-expanding power, is one of the great joyous necessities of cultural life.



In the early 1960s, Ian Cuthbertson at the Glasgow Citizen's ran a 'great classics' season. Shaw, Shakespeare, Wilde, Miller, Brecht, - and if you joined the Young Cits you got in for 9d (old money)! I literally moved in and saw shows again and again. It was like being on a very long road to Damascus and was my second education. Somebody paid for that education, and I'll be forever grateful. Give us the chance to pay for it again.

Interviews by Rachelle Thackray