Arts & Edinburgh: Free Fringe Tickets

Tickets are available to the first Independent readers to take a copy of today's paper to the box-office of the venues listed below.
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The Opium Eater

5.00 (6.45)pm, Gilded Balloon, Venue 38, five pairs

The Trainspotting of the 19th century, with Thomas de Quincey as dependent on drugs as he is on his messenger simpleton, Willie.

Hopeless Games

10.00 (11.00)pm, Demarco European Art Foundation, Venue 109 Walpole Hall, Chester Street, 10 singles

A powerful, yet sensitive, performance of physical theatre, both innovative and highly entertaining.

Women of Troy: 2099

6.50 (8.05)pm, The Pleasance, Venue 33, five pairs

An adaptation of Euripides' Trojan Women by Courttia Newland, this is a play of war, revenge, courage and lost love which is as relevant today as it was 3,000 years ago