Heaven is closing down for refurbishment, so the capital will be robbed of one of its best venues for a few months. But you can catch one of the freshest midweek gigs around this Thursday as Altered States stage their last event before the closure.

A mixture of live bands and DJs, serving up deep, trancey techno, has earned this event a loyal following. On the main floor are two of the UK's best techno/ trance bands, K90 and Cybernaught, with support from Pablo Gargano (Eve Records) on the Technics. The world's most famous ex-drug dealer, Howard Marks, aims to get you buzzing with his DJ skills as he continues to increase his profile in London's clubland.

The crowd here are always hard-working and the atmosphere will be lively for this farewell gig. Weekend clubbers have no excuse not to attend as the following day is Easter Friday, ie no work.

Thursday, under the arches off Villiers Street WC2 (0181-740 8752) 9pm- 3am pounds 7/pounds 5 members

If you missed last week's launch party then you missed out. This week gives you the chance to redress the balance and check out the new hip- hop/ragga weekly that's got the capital buzzing.

New York legend, FunkMaster Flex kicked off the first gig and Busta Rhymes jets in this weekend with the Flip Mode Squad in tow for an exclusive UK date.

Westwood and Chris Goldfinger support on the decks, so the queues will be as lengthy as the night is long. Break out your phat kicks and baggy garbs and watch one of the world's premier rap stars in full flow. Busta has to be seen to be believed.

Tonight, 415 High Road, Tottenham N17 (0171-385 7114) 10pm-6am pounds 14

Following the success of his previous shows at The Empire, Howard Marks, ex-M16 agent and drugs runner, announces an additional five dates. You get two gigs for the price of one on this night. The first part of the evening focuses on Marks's audio-visual show and readings from his best- selling autobiography, Mr Nice. I for one, can't wait to hear how he tried to convince the authorities that the 15 tons of cannabis he attempted to smuggle past customs was for personal use.

After the presentation, the music starts with breakbeats, big beats and any other kind of electronic rhythms Marks can lay his hands on. Damien Harris, Dan & John Kahuna and Derek Dahlarge offer support on the turntables.

Fri 10 Apr, Shepherd's Bush Green, W12 (0171-924 9999) 7pm-2am pounds 15/pounds 8 club only

The original Saturday night glam, Malibu Stacey, seemed to be around for ages, but the Spacey (below) gig has now managed to inject a little more excitement into a similar formula. Punters still turn up in scores for this one, so be prepared to queue for a while.

The dress code here is simple and ruthless. You have to impress in the clothes department or you'll find yourself back home in time to catch the end of Match of the Day.

The tunes here aren't too challenging, but the DJs keep the bpm high with banging anthems and house.

Tonight, 6 Hanover Street, W1 (0171-499 7977) 10.30pm-5am, pounds 15