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@ club 414

Throbbing techno, ambient house and deep trance is served up thick and fast in this venue. The music has moved on since the early rave days, but the trail-blazing spirit lives on here in 414's diverse clientele. Beamish, Superfast Oz and Darren Shamwala feature on the Technics tonight.

Plenty of kids dress to sweat alongside hardened techno heads and new age hippies - great vibe, excellent value for money. This gig is a marathon eight-hour shift, so don't make any plans for Sunday.

Tonight, Coldharbour Lane, Brixton SW9 (0171-924 9322) 10pm-6am, pounds 4 concs before mdn't/pounds 6 after

Rotation is attracting a loyal following to Ladbroke Grove every Friday night, so you can be sure of a good night. Subterania, while remaining an impressive venue, seems to break club events that aren't up to the job. Rotation offers great value for money for a Friday night with no loss of integrity on the music front. T-Money, Dodge, Femi Fem and Ronnie Herrel control the decks this Friday, serving up phat R'n'B, hip hop and rare classics. Well worth a visit.

Fri, Acklam Road, W1 (0181-960 4590) 10pm-3.30am pounds 8

There's something for everyone at this gig. The multi-floored venue provides the perfect platform for a plethora of musical styles: drum'n'bass, garage, hard house, R'n'B and hip hop. And live PAs downstairs always produce some cheeky surprises.

Make sure you check your jacket on entry as it gets very hot and the stairwells get very busy. Arrive early to avoid the queues.

Tonight, Parkfield Street, N1 (0171-288 1986) 10pm-5am, pounds 10

The location of Bar Rumba is pretty average and the club itself is not too impressive, but the music here on Saturday nights compares with anywhere in the capital.

Bobby and Steve and the Zoo crew have been packing this venue out for many moons. This is what good garage is all about - deep and soulful with an uplifting flava.

All the top UK and US DJs have graced the Technics. As you'd expect, the crowd doesn't need much encouragement to hit the dancefloor and stay there.

Sat, 36 Shaftesbury Ave, W1 (0171-287 2715) 9pm-6am pounds 5 before 11pm/pounds 10 before mdn't/ pounds 12 after.