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Disco won't grow old gracefully, so you might as well don those flares and join the rest of the converts. Funkytown offers one of the best disco nights around, every Thursday, for people who can't wait for the weekend. It's not enough to have seen Saturday Night Fever, patrons go the whole way, dressing in outrageous platforms, tent-like flares, and with a complete disregard for matching colours.

DJs Huggy (original name), Spencer and the Cosmic Cowboy keep the dancefloor busy with a blend of disco classics, rare grooves and funky anthems. You'll be useless at work on Friday, but it will be worth it.

Thursdays, 10 Dean Street (off Regent Street), W1 (0181- 723 7890) 9pm-3am, pounds 5/pounds 3 to clubbers in 1970s gear.

So many clubs promise revolutionary innovations in an attempt to make you part with your loot. All too often you get the same stale and tired clubbing formula.

Twisted's fortnightly gigs seem to be over endowed in the innovation department and certainly don't follow anyone else's lead - in fact, I reckon they make it up as they go along.

With DJs like Johny-2-Bad (who has just returned from a US tour playing with Irvine Welsh), Larry Love and Pete Lawrence you'll hear house, break- beat and even Dolly Parton tunes.

Brady's Saloon can, at best, be described as "earthy", but it only seems to complement the gig's unique vibe.

Brixton has recently forged a reputation for itself as housing some of the most creative nights in the capital. Want to know what chemical country, trailer trash, bubba beatz and honkyskunk sound like? There's only one way to find out.

Thursday, 20 Atlantic Road, Brixton SW9 (0171-274 4886) 8pm-midnight pounds 3/pounds 2 members.

If you were forced to link the words "Vauxhall", "excitement" and "Sundays", you'd be hard pushed to name anything apart from cricket at the Oval - but times have changed. T.A.N is probably the most talked-about weekend gig (including Friday and Saturday events) and boasts a stylish and committed following.

The formula is simple enough: phat beatz, great social vibe and aspirational clientele. Thoughts of work on Monday morning are cast aside and the result is a memorable night of R&B, rare grooves and deep garage (OK, I'll say it - speed garage).

Mix at the bar, busta' move on the dancefloor or chill with the Sunday papers, it's all good.

Tomorrow's gig features DJ Spoony, Ramsey and Fen in the garage room; Lindsey Moore joins them on stage for a live P.A. Columbia Records present The Will Smith "Big Willie Style" album launch party in the Reminisce Room and are set to give away a host of freebie CDs, T-shirts, posters and videos. Steve Sutherland and Boogie Bunch feature on the Technics.

Sundays 1 Nine Elms Lane, Vauxhall SW8 (0171-272 418) 9pm-3am, non-members pounds 5 before 11pm/pounds 8 after, members pounds 4 before 11pm/pounds 6 after.


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