Baby died 'waiting five hours' in hospital

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An MP is planning to raise in the House of Commons the case of a six-month-old baby that died in a London hospital after waiting three hours for treatment in March. Chevaz Palmer was admitted by her family doctor suffering from mild dehydration.

The child's parents, Prim and Michael Palmer, are taking legal action for medical negligence and are demanding to know why the hospital failed their daughter.

Staff at University College Hospital in Euston were told she was coming into the casualty department but Chevaz was still made to wait. Five and half hours after admission she was dead.

Now the MP for Islington, Chris Smith, is to table questions to health ministers about the case. He has also written to the Secretary of State for Health, Virginia Bottomley.

The Patients' Charter says that children should be seen by a paediatrician within half an hour of arrival at hospital. Chevaz waited an hour and a half, and it was three hours before she was found a bed and given treatment.

The parents have also reported the hospital to the police, alleging it did not properly care for their child. A criminal investigation has been launched by detectives at Holborn who are interviewing medical staff. A report is expected to be sent to the Crown Prosecution Service and charges of lack of care and attention or manslaughter could be brought in the case.

Mr Palmer, from Islington, said: 'I am just angry and alarmed that a hospital can behave in such a way . . . There didn't seem to be any urgency. I don't believe my daughter would have died if she had received prompt treatment.' University College Hospital is conducting an inquiry.