You're going out, you don't need to take much, but you don't have pockets or they're not big enough. This is a glasses case but it makes a fantastic mini-clutch bag for under a tenner. Those tiny little bags with handles, to my mind, are completely stupid. This is much better and more stylish. Oasis does some great accessories, and in this range there are also purses, bags and belts. But this is particularly cute and it holds everything a girl needs for a night out. I managed to fit a travel toothbrush, condoms, credit card, keys, 10 cigarettes, a lighter and some loose change in this - more than enough. But if you're in a rush remember that there are only two essentials for a modern woman on a night out: rubber and plastic. AB

Oasis mock croc glasses case, pounds 9.99, from branches nationwide, inquiries 0171-377 5335