The reality of having bosoms is that they need looking after when you exercise. As I am a veteran runner of 12 years and the holder of a DD bosom, the subject of running bras is one that is, um, very close to my heart. Forget all notion of looking sexy, a good running bra should squash your breasts as close as possible to your chest. Anyone with a B-cup or bigger should consider wearing two sports bras, a regular bra shape with a cropped-top style over the top. There are four bra styles to choose from in this high-performance range: three bra shapes and one cropped top covering three "impact" levels to suit your size and the type of exercise you do. AB

Berlei Shock Absorber bra shown is style B101, impact level 2, pounds 17.99 in Coolmax/ Lycra, sizes 32-36A, 32-40 B/C/D. Impact level 1 bra (style B100) in Coolmax/ Lycra, pounds 16.99, sizes 32-36A, 32-38 B/C. Impact level 2 Cropped Top (style B104) in polyamide/ cotton/ Lycra, pounds 18.99, sizes 32-38 B/C/D. Impact level 3 bra (style B102) in Coolmax/ Lycra, pounds 18.99, sizes 34-40 B/C, 32-40D and 32-40 DD/E/F (pounds 19.99). Available from department stores nationwide.