Kitten heels, baby stilettos, call them what you will, but they are the shoe-heel to be wearing this autumn, a natural progression from the spike stilettos of earlier this year, and blessedly easier to walk in. Shellys has again excelled itself at interpreting a new look and bringing it to you at an affordable price. The two-strap shoe featured here costs pounds 29.99 and comes in black, pink or white. Shellys also does court shoe, ankle strap and dolly shoe versions at pounds 44.99; a super deluxe funky faux snakeskin ankle boot, pounds 54.99; and a black suede to the knee boot, pounds 64.99. Shellys is responsible for many 'firsts' in the footwear department. In April 1988 British Elle featured Shellys' 'Mister' boots, and fashion editors clamoured for them. Shellys also brought us over- the-knee boots in 1987 and led the Kicker revolution the following year when teenagers queued at the Poland Street branch to get a pair. Shellys shoes come in sizes 3-8 AB

! Shellys, 266/270 Regent Street, London W1 and branches (London only). Mail order and inquiries on 0181 450 0066.