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As someone who irons nothing unless it's for a posh function, the thought of a non-iron shirt intrigued me. Made from cotton-rich fabric, it promises to give "you and your iron a well-deserved rest". Sounds bloody marvellous doesn't it? The reason the NIS is so splendid is because it has been treated with the "Vapor Phase" process, an "exciting new development" which "sets the fabric of the shirt in its ironed state." Yippee I say; your hubbie can come home and you can pretend you have spent all day ironing his shirts, when in fact you have been eating chocolate biscuits and sleeping with his best friend. Isn't technology wonderful? AB

The Van Heusen Non-Iron Shirt, from pounds 30 in a host of colours and patterns. Available from branches of House of Fraser, John Lewis, Selfridges, Fenwicks, Allders. For further stockists/inquiries call 01773 727546