Mens' jumpers have finally come into their own, and one of the most welcome changes in the past season has been the re-emergence of the "high V". This shape is meant to be worn on its own, though men with high sprouting chest hair might want to get the tweezers out. Jo Y Jo's offering comes in a chunky cotton-mix knit in ivory, stone, sky or navy and would be perfect with narrow leg flat-front trousers this spring. It is suitably casual and endearingly "sloppy" (it will be nicked by girlfriends) but sharp and slim enough in cut to make it suitable for work. Men take note: sleeves that are just a bit too long for you make you look vunerable and in need of looking after. AB

V-neck Jo Y Jo sweater, pounds 59.99, from Lazor-on, King's Road, London SW3 and Cloud 9, The Arcadian, Hurst Street, Birmingham. (Inquiries: 0171- 580 9465)