Bargain Hunter: Car of the week: Dream machine

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WHICH CAR symbolised the mad, bad Eighties? Was it the yuppie wagon BMW 3-series, or maybe the sloaney Golf GTI? Neither. If any vehicle symbolised the flash, look-at-me era, it was the Lamborghini Countach, conspicuous consumption on alloy wheels.

Guaranteed to be the centre of attention when the driver's door pivoted upwards, passers-by couldn't miss the 747-sized rear wing either. On the move, it was just as imposing with a massive five-litre V12 engine powering this supercar to speeds approaching 180mph. No wonder people were paying pounds 190,000 for them in 1989. Most still want pounds 90,000 today. Prestige and Performance Cars Limited believe they have the cheapest right-hand drive example in the country. At pounds 36,995 it is cheap at the price. Call 01895 255222.