THERE ARE more than 17 million Volkswagen Golfs in circulation. However, when it comes to Golf Rallyes, the tally is a mere 5,000. So the Rallye is rare and very special indeed. The unique engine is supercharged, it is four-wheel drive, and the flared arch bodywork never graced another Golf.

For those in the know, the Rallye is the car to be seen in and, with a strong pound, many take a ferry to Holland or Germany and snap up these exotic hatchbacks for pounds 6,000 to pounds 8,000. Trouble is few are warranted and there is all the bother of MOTing and registering the left-hand drive car for use in the UK. Awesome GTI near Stoke-on-Trent saves you the bother and charges a very reasonable pounds 7,200. Contact Awesome on 01782 722223