Car of the week

Your Papa wouldn't like it

The all new Renault Clio arrived last spring. Strong sales and the endorsement of Vic, Bob and Nicole meant that many overlooked the fact the car didn't have the sparkle of the original. The bug-eyed styling was not as cheeky as before, although this was a much more comfortable, spacious and better- built model than before. Even so, this Renault is not a state-of-the-art supermini. However, when introduced, pricing was competitive, as the new model undercut the old by pounds 1,000. At Renault Ilford (0181-276 5040) it is possible to do the same again with nil-mileage, 1999 S-registered examples at pounds 7,695 (cost new pounds 8,770). They started with 11 Grande models and now have two. Hurry whilst stocks last.